Sound-visual installations in situ: a manifest for micro-social changes

With my artistic research, I act at micro, mezzo and macro social levels to bring awareness and movement in distress-impregnated  life situations and environments. 

Waiting area

Micro-social encounters with local people in Nickel, Arctic Russia (2020). By mutual listening through this artistic project locals came to acknowledge a wider social difference and life approaches and gained hope in their future 

We could clarify with the locals that the repetitive territorial patterns of life, with their recurrent geographies of anxiety and discomfort can be overcomed with imagination, mutual listening,  and community organisation, which bring much hope to many of the individuals. 

With Maria Zaikina, we brought local inhabitants’ voices to into the in-situ visual-sound installation. 

Fairytales for the night time

A sound-visual installation in situ a the Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris (2019). A collaboration with the visual artist Maria Zaikina