List of Works

Solo music for  flute, piano, clarinet, harpsichord, violoncello, saxophone(s), accordeon, percussions, strings and voice(s).

Music with live electronics
- We II for viola and electronics,

- Ne veli vetry for mezzo-soprano, flute, guitar, violoncello and percussion,

- Peau de lumière. In situ for violin, violoncello, piano and electronics,

Chamber music
- String trio,

- Two string quartets,

- Peau de lumière, for viola, violoncello and piano,

- Fibres: Nord for flute, clarinet, piano, percussion, violin, violoncello,

- Intermedio e Coda for clarinet, violin, cello, piano and percussion,

- Ondes et fibres en expansion for recorder, clarinet, harp, accordeon, percussion, violin, trombone, double bass,

- Dramma for eight interpreters,

- Octet for winds and percussion,

Chamber music with voice
- Fragments de José Augustinho Baptista for mezzo-soprano, viola and harp (1. Trêve, 2. De notre mort),

- Ohne grenze… verlassen (based on the 4th Mahler’s symphony) for soprano, flute, clarinet, piano, percussion, violin, violoncello,

- Three songs for mezzo-soprano and piano, lyrics by Lucian Blaga,

- Omnia vanitas for soprano, horn and piano, on  Max Jacob's lyrics,

- Aimables et mensongères illusions for soprano and clarinet, lyrics by Serguei Essenin,

- Errance for soprano et percussion, lyrics of the Karelian folklore,

- Ne veli vetry for mezzo-soprano, flute, guitar, violoncello and percussion and live-electronics,

- An infinite firmament, secular cantata for soprano, recorder, 2 violins, viola, violoncello and harpsichord,

Chamber orchestra
- Distich for chamber orchestra,

Musical theater
- La soeur de N, musical theater for 4 instrumentalists on an excerpt of the Kafka’s diary,

- Plus ombre que l’ombre, musical theater for baritone, 2 actors, clarinet, percussion, viola and piano, on the texts by surrealistic poets,

- Concerto for flute, brass instruments and percussions,

- Concerto for violoncello, strings and percussions,

Stage music
- Si affinités, stage music for the choreographic show of Marie-Laure Agrapart & Cie, 2005,

- Auctor, electroacoustic music for the choreographic show of Marie-Laure Agrapart & Cie, 2008,

- Anagrammes for large orchestra,

- Le Pas de l’Enfer for 16 interpreters,

- Maestro and Margaret, ballet suite based on the homonymous novel of  Mikhaïl Bulgakov,

- Out at S.E.A., chamber opera (in collaboration with 2 composers) for 3 instruments and soprano, tenor and baritone, based on Out at  S.E.A. theater piece by Slawomir Mrozek. Libretto by Andras Almasi-Toth,

- Dorian Gray. A quest for ethernal youth opera for grand ensemble and 4 characters, based on The Portrait of Dorian Gray novel by Oscar Wilde. Libretto by Emmanuel Reibel,