Out at S.E.A. – Somebody Eats All – Interview

Out at S.E.A. – Somebody Eats All, a Chamber Opera

An Interview with Peter Eotvos and the Composers
by the production, Budapest Music Center – 2013

“The compositional idea is as absurd as the theatrical play of Mrozek itself. Three different people meet in the story, completely different characters. They respond to events in a very different way, so it was obvious each character should be composed by another composer.

In all known operas one composer writes the material for every character, so they have one hallmark. In this chamber opera each of the characters arrives from a different part of the world, from a different culture, and they try to “row in one boat”.

The “boat”, in other words what holds the three characters together, was put together by us, from the submitted material, though we did not change the characters imagined by the various composers or their individual compositional materials.”

               — Peter Eötvös