The Ice Life in Vatnajökul, Iceland – A Music/Video/Science/Ecology Project

IRREVERSIBLE: Death by the Drip

A sound-video installation based on the field recordings in the Vatnajokull Ice Cap, Iceland (2022). With the support of Hornafjörður Research Center of University of Iceland, and University Paris 8.

Þorvarður Árnason, PhD, Director of Hornafjörður Research Center, is our indefectible guide and counsellor on the Breiðamerkurjökull and Flaajökull outlet glaciers, at the centre of our recordings

An Art, Science and Ecology Project

Based on scientific documentation, this sound-video installation aims to support the interpretation of the glaciers' life as a matter of truth, and to raise awareness about the irreversible processes leading to their rapid death.
- Mariana Ungureanu (Composer, PhD fellow at University Paris 8) - music composition & dramaturgy
- Pétur F. Kjærnested (Video artist, Reykjavik) - original video
- Martin Lucas (Architect, Paris) - photography and editing

- Wounds - 0 min
- From Drip to the Torrent - 4min 30sec
- Silent Drama - 7min 10sec
- Bleeding - 8min 44sec

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The Sargasso Prisoner – opera in progress

"The Sargasso Prisoner"  an Opera, based on a Novel by Jean Rhys

A work in progress - Presentation by the team

This Opera gives a voice to Bertha, the “Paper Tiger Lunatic” of Jean Rhys’ novel Wide Sargasso Sea. The originality of Rhys’ work is to move to the centre stage that which had been relegated to the wings in Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre: that is, Rochester’s supposedly mad wife, locked away in the attic of his manor.
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5th International Forum for Young Composers – Interview

" Dreaming and Innerness "
Interview of Mariana Ungureanu by Makis Solomos

Logbook of the 5th International Forum for Young Composers - 2008

> Would you sum up your itinerary?

>> I studied music in specialist schools in Moldavia, then at the Chisinau Higher Conservatory.
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